WeChat data, insights and statistics: user profile, behaviours, usages, market trends

Collection of data, facts and figures, insights and trends to better understand WeChat users and how WeChat is part of their life in order to draw your WeChat strategy

1. Key fact and figures on users and usage positioning WeChat as number 1 hub in Chinese social media ecosystem

WeChat data and insights - most popular app
WeChat data and insights - number of users
WeChat data and insights - active users

And the number of Monthly Active Users (MAU) on the APP keep growing.

WeChat data and insights - number of users

Insights on WeChat User profile, usage and behaviour

WeChat data and insights - usage

WeChat users spent more than four hours a day engaging with the app. (2018)

WeChat position: from a global perspective

WeChat App usage - active users

Further readings about WeChat data

All in one place – essential reports to learn the basics

2. WeChat Official Account

All in one place – essential reports to learn the basics

3. WeChat Mini Program

User profile: age, demographics, etc…

User and merchant/brand traction

WeChat Mini Programs have shown significant traction becoming one of the key channels for brands and merchants to activate their user base.

wechat mini program user and merchant traction to leverage this technology

Reasons of adoption

53% of users use WeChat Mini-Programs mainly for temporary usage & 40% didn’t want to download mobile apps

raisons of wechat mini program user  adoption
Mini Program usage data - favorite type of Mini Program

Growing adaption of Mini Program with eCommerce features

by number of transactions on WeChat Mini Program

Growing transaction number | Mini Program for  eCommerce adoption | WeChat data and  insights

Explore more the possibilities of Mini Program for eCommerce here.

Time spent

August 2019 – The average time user spending on Wechat mini program has also increased by 23.3% – from 51 mins to 63 mins per month. (Source: WeChat Mini Program Report For the first half of 2019 available by scrolling 👇👇👇👇)


August 2019 – Different users have a different preference for Mini Programs (Source: WeChat Mini Program Report For the first half of 2019 available by scrolling 👇👇👇👇)

  • Male users like to use service-type Mini Programs like mobile payment for parking.
  • female users like to use mobile shopping and tools Mini Programs
  • Gen Z generation focuses more on games, food & shopping like Meituan food delivery and Ctrip Mini Programs
  • Elderly generation like to use tools and videos mini program.

From a global perspective

Mini Program usage data

All in one place – essential reports to learn the basics

  • WeChat Mini Program Report For the first half of 2019

4. Updates and timeline on WeChat data & insights

DateUpdatesSource / more details
May 2019WeChat monthly active user: 1.112 billion with a YOY growth rate of 6.9%Tencent
May 2018 It’s all about gaming. Smartphone games revenues rose 68% YoY due to games like Honourof Kings, with double-digit growth in DAU for the game.
– Total revenue gains reached 73.5 bn RMB, a 48% year-on-year rise, driven mainly by #Fortnite #PUBC and other games
– 11% MAU YoY growth in Users (Weixin, WeChat). #WeChat now exceeds more than 1bn MAU
– Online ad revenue grew 55% YoY, with 69% gains in Social Media, hitting a peak at 4Q2017. QoQ online ad revenues fell 14%.

March 2018 WeChat now has over 1 billion active monthly users worldwideTechnode
November 2017 902 million average daily logged in users in September 2017, up 17% year-over-year
– 38 billion messages sent on WeChat everyday
– 3.5 million monthly active Official Accounts, up 14% YoY
– 797 million monthly active users of Official Accounts, up 19% YoY
– Active followers of Official Accounts reached 797 million, a 19% increase YoY
– The number of Official Accounts has also increased to 3.5 million, a 14% YoY increase

Overall it’s a healthy quarter for Tencent as it’s diversifying between revenue from games, advertising and payments. However, traffic is increasingly relying on the WeChat platform

– WeChat has now 980 Millions Monthly Active Users – +15.8%YoY
Updated on 2019-10-05

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