WeChat APP: glossary, lexicon & definitions to learn the basics right


When talking the WeChat APP, there are a lot of jargon and buzzwords. Let’s define WeChat APP related vocabulary with this comprehensive lexicon.

So everyone can fully understand WeChat products and tools available in the ecosystem in order to speak the same language.

Wechat application glossary: general terms

What is WeChat APP / 微信 / Wēixìn?

WeChat, or 微信 (Wēixìn), meaning “small message”, is a Chinese social media APP.

In October 2010, the app was conceived at the Tencent office in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province.

Tencent released the first version on January 21, 2011.

There are 4 main sections in WeChat APP:

It’s the most widely used Chinese social media platform whose capacities are:

  • instant messaging
  • social entertainment
  • share photos on WeChat users’ feed
  • lifestyle recreational features including “Games” and “Sticker Gallery”
  • e-commerce and mobile payment services
  • and many more that WeChat Wiki help to explore

Considered as the swiss army knife of all the Chinese mobile apps, it brings about a mobile digital lifestyle on an easy-to-use app.

Equivalent in the Western online ecosystem

It offers functions similar to WhatsApp, Skype, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Apple Pay and more, under the hood of a single mobile application.

WeChat Moments / 朋友圈

Section of the APP to enable users:

It looks like a social feed.

WeChat is a closed social ecosystem. So scrolling the feed, content can only be seen by the contacts/friends you are connected with on WeChat.

There are also some paid ads which are displayed occasionally. As the financial barrier to promote a message in this space is quite high, only big corporates can afford it.

This section of WeChat ecosystem is critical because it gathers the largest traffic pool and the longest time spent within the APP.

Synonyms that can be found online and offline

  • WeChat social timeline
  • WeChat User Feed
  • WeChat News Feed

This feed is different from WeChat Channels which is a short-form video feed.

Equivalent in the Western online ecosystem

Facebook Timeline or Instagram feed

For example, sales associates in China frequently uses WeChat Moments to develop and maintain relationships with clients and potential customers.

WeChat Wallet

Section of the WeChat APP which provides users with the following capabilities:

  • Mobile payment functionalities
  • a wide range of services (pay home utility bills, order taxi, book a flight tickets, etc…) available in the form of an instant app using Mini Program technology developed by Tencent. All-in-one services.

The transaction within these value-added services is made with WeChat Pay solution.

WeChat Channels / 视频号

Learn more about WeChat Channels here: + WeChat Channels: a comprehensive guide

Synonyms that can be found online and offline

  • WeChat Video Account
  • WeChat Video Channels

Equivalent in the Western online ecosystem

  • Tik Tok

WeChat APP Marketing

WeChat Open Platform / 微信开放平台

A platform built within WeChat as an over-arching account for businesses to connect each of their WeChat-integrated products and platforms:

For example, it connects your APP or website to WeChat’s mobile services such as WeChat Login and WeChat Pay.

This platform offers enterprises a framework to create original consumer experiences.

URL to access this platform


Official Account Platform / 微信公众平台

A platform to create and manage the WeChat Accounts.

Currently, the Official Account Platform includes 3 types:

URL to access this platform


WeChat Official Account / 微信公众号

A channel built within WeChat to enable individuals or business to push marketing campaigns and service-related content to their followers/audience through multiple types of functions

Abbreviations that can be found online and offline

  • WeChat OA

Synonyms that can be found online and offline

  • WeChat Business Account
  • WeChat Account for Business
  • WeChat Brand Account
  • WeChat Public Account

Equivalent in the Western online ecosystem

  • Facebook page

Basic functions to build the audience

  • group message
  • comment management
  • voting
  • automatic reply
  • customized menu
  • customer service
  • original statement
  • and many more as the WeChat team keep adding new features to help brands…

Learn more about WeChat Business Account here: + WeChat Official Accounts: an epic guide

WeChat Enterprise Account / 企业微信

Abbreviations that can be found online and offline

  • WCW

Synonyms that can be found online and offline

  • WeChat Work
  • WeChat at Work
  • Corporate Account

Equivalent in the Western online ecosystem

  • WhatsApp + Slack

Learn more about WeChat Work / 企业微信 here: + WeChat Enterprise account: an epic Guide

WeChat APP Message: Auto Reply

This is an automatic message responding to the user’s action (user sends a message or/and triggers an event in the WeChat Official Account).

This instant reply is configured with the WeChat Official Account.

Eg. the user’s action can be defined as sending a message with keywords. Then it triggers a preset auto-reply message based on these keywords.

This message type can be relevant to FAQ matters.

WeChat APP Message: Service Center Message

When a user interacts with a WeChat Official Account (eg. accessing the account and clicking on the custom-defined), it can send the user as many as five messages over the next 48 hours.

This message type is commonly used for Customer service purposes.

WeChat APP Message: Template Message

WeChat Service Official Account can push out notification displayed within the Official Account thread screen.

Service accounts can send an unlimited number of template messages to their followers.

These push notifications aim to give users transactional information:

  • Payment confirmations
  • Booking notifications
  • Order status
  • Abandoned cart reminders
  • Limited-time Coupons
  • Coupon expiration Reminder
  • Loyalty Status/Membership Points

The format and the content of these notifications must be based on pre-defined and industry-specific templates provided by WeChat.

Further reading about WeChat Template Messages

Wechat glossary: WeChat APP Solutions & Products

WeChat H5

Third-party Web-based Application powered within WeChat in-app browser

Synonyms that can be found online and offline

  • WeChat in-app browser optimized web application
  • WeChat site

WeChat Mini Program / 微信小程序

Abbreviations that can be found online and offline

WeChat MP

Synonyms that can be found online and offline

  • WeChat Light APP
  • WeChat Instant APP

Equivalent in the Western online ecosystem

  • PWA (Progressive Web Apps)
  • APP clip for iOS

WeChat Pay / 微信支付

WeChat Pay is a native payment feature of WeChat for users to able to purchase something in few clicks.

Here are the different options to integrate this payment solution in the different touch points (inside and outside of the WeChat ecosystem as well as online and offline)

  • Quick Pay: Merchant scans the user’s WeChat Pay payment code to take the payment.
  • QR Code Payment: User scans the merchant’s WeChat Pay code to make the payment.
  • Mini Program Payment: WeChat Pay is integrated in the checkout process of a WeChat eCommerce Mini Program.
  • Official Account Payment: WeChat Pay is integrated in a WeChat Official Account.
  • In-App Payment: WeChat Pay is integrated in the checkout process of a native mobile APP.
  • Web Payment: WeChat Pay is integrated in the checkout process of a web-based platform.

URL to access this solution


The Hardware Platform / 微信硬件平台

A platform built within WeChat which enables businesses to connect WeChat to devices like smartwatches, smart toys, etc.

URL to access this solution


The Smart Platform / 微信智能开放平台

A platform built within WeChat which enables businesses to utilize WeChat’s artificial intelligence tools, such as image, video, or voice recognition.

Wechat glossary: Advertising terms


Number of times an Ad been shown


Number of viewers


Thumb up


Leave message


Forward to friend


Press the photo/link/copy, etc


Number of actions been done by viewers (Like + Comment + Share + Click)

Canvas Engagement

Engagement of the landing page(number of times the video play +button click)


Number of new followers


money spending




cost ÷ engagement


cost ÷ follower


cost ÷ click


cost ÷ action


click ÷ impression×100%


follower ÷ click×100%

Wechat glossary: development jargon


The unique encrypted WeChat ID generated for each user within the Official Account Platform (including WeChat Mini Program).

Users are identified with a separate OpenIDs corresponding to the different WeChat OA that they follow.

With an OpenID, the following user info can be retrieved:

  • Nickname
  • Profile photo
  • Gender
  • Location (city, province, country)
  • Language
  • Subscribe time (the latest subscribe time)
  • UnionID
  • Remark (set by OA operator)
  • GroupID (set by OA operator)
  • Tags
  • Subscribe source (e.g. OA search, OA migration, OA card share, QR code, payment page)
  • QR code scanning scenario
  • QR code scenario description


The unique ID generated for each user across the different WeChat-integrated pieces (mobile applications, web-based applications and OAs) under the same WeChat Open Platform account.

WeChat login authorization

WeChat login for third-party applications is based on the OAuth 2.0 standard (OAuth 2.0 is the industry-standard protocol for authorization).

Silent Authorization

Silent authorization means users will be automatically redirected to the configured business page without an authorization prompt.

WeChat cross-border commerce


The VAT rate applicable is 3% for China cross-border commerce


Goods and Services Tax is an indirect tax used in China on the supply of goods and services.


The National Medical Products Administration is directly under the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, which is in charge of comprehensive supervision on the safety management of food, health food and cosmetics and is the competent authority of drug regulation in mainland China.

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