Over 60 traffic entry points to a Mini Program (and counting)

List of entry points to drive traffic to an Mini Program

Main categories of entry points. Source: Jisu app

Sharing to chat messages is the #1 entry point to WeChat Mini Programs

Mini Program traffic by source, June 2018

Sharing and quick entry (shortcut bar on top of screen) represent together 60% of the traffic to Mini Programs

Main entry points to WeChat Mini Programs by category

WeChat team is ever increasing the number of entry points to Mini Programs.

Mini Programs can be accessed via the following:

分享 Share

单人聊天会话中的小程序消息卡片Mini program message card in a single chat session
带 shareTicket 的小程序消息卡片(详情)Mini program message card with shareTicket (details)
群聊会话中的小程序消息卡片Mini Program message card in a group chat session
App 分享消息卡片App Share Message Card

快捷入口 Quick entry

发现栏小程序主入口Discovery bar mini program main entrance
微信聊天主界面下拉WeChat chat main interface drop down
小程序 profile 页Mini program profile page
安卓系统桌面图标Android home screen icon
顶部搜索框小程序快捷入口Top search box mini program shortcut entry
长按小程序右上角菜单唤出最近使用历史Long click the upper right corner of the mini program to call up the most recent history
聊天顶部置顶小程序入口Chat at the top of the mini program entry

公众号 Official Account

公众号自定义菜单Official account custom menu
公众号文章Official account article
公众号模板消息Official account templated message
公众号 profile 页相关小程序列表Official account profile page > related mini program list
公众号会话下发的小程序消息卡片Mini program message card issued by the official account
公众号文章商品卡片Official account article product card
公众号文章广告Official account article advertisement

Further readings

模版消息 Templated messages

小程序模版消息Mini program templated messages

卡券 Coupon cards

我的卡包My card package
卡券详情页Coupon card details page
卡券的适用门店列表List of applicable stores for coupons
发现栏小程序主入口搜索框的搜索结果页Find the search results page of the main menu search box of the mini program
顶部搜索框的搜索结果页Search results page for the top search box
添加好友搜索框的搜索结果页Search results page with friend search box added
顶部搜索框搜索结果页“使用过的小程序”列表Top search box search results page “used mini program” list
搜一搜的结果页Search results page

跳转 Redirects

从另一个小程序返回Return from another mini program
小程序打开小程序Mini program open another mini program
(from March 2019) from the Mini Program “Great products circle” 好物圈

支付 WeChat Pay

微信钱包WeChat wallet
微信支付完成页WeChat payment completion page
二维码收款页面QR code collection page
钱包中的银行卡详情页Bank card details page in the wallet

Location Based Services (LBS)

附近小程序列表List of nearby mini programs
附近小程序列表广告Nearby mini program advertisement list
摇周边Shake around
城市服务入口City service entrance

其他 Other entry points

音乐播放器菜单Music player menu
摇电视Shake TV
微信连Wi-Fi状态栏WeChat Wi-Fi status bar
连Wi-Fi成功页Wi-Fi connection success page
客服消息列表下发的小程序消息卡片Mini program message card issued by the customer service message list
自动化测试下打开小程序Open the mini program under automated test
前往体验版的入口页Go to the entry page of the experience version
移动应用Native Mobile Applications
体验版小程序绑定邀请页Experience applet binding invitation page
Updated on 2019-09-17

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