How to leverage WeChat search features and WeChat SEO as a business

WeChat search: is WeChat turning into a search engine?

You can search for the following main types of content via the WeChat search bar (either the gigantic search bar at the top your WeChat homepage, or under “Discover” tab):

  • WeChat moment posts
  • WeChat articles published by official accounts
  • WeChat Official Accounts
  • WeChat Mini Programs: homepage and inside pages
  • Novels via the Tencent platform
  • Music via QQ Music
  • Internet content via the Sogou搜狗 search engine (Tencent is an investor)
  • Stickers

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As WeChat ecosystem is improving the online shopping, products are becoming more easily discoverable through the search function with the integration of social mechanism

WeChat ecosystem makes it easy to shop online. On top of that, it leverages the power of social mechanism (the core value of WeChat) to amplify this movement.

“recommended products” e-commerce feature in the “Search” section = Social purchase recommendation feed populated by users’ recommendation (that they want to share with their social network) of what they bought or what they want to buy to share.

Recommendations in the feed from e-commerce Mini-Program product data

Updates and timeline

DateFeaturesSource / more details

June 2018
The search feature inside Top Stories(看一看) has added more targeted search categories, and the Top Stories feed can also be refined based on your interests => a move certainly targeting Toutiao 今日头条 Jing Daily

April 2018
– Filtering options allow for different sorting orders
– Sogou Baike is becoming an important WeChat search propery
– WeChat’s Brand Zone not only appears at the very top of search results but also contains direct links to the brand’s WeChat Shop and WeChat Official Account (OA)
January 2018– Focus on improving the in-app search – focus of 2018 as currently search results are very poor
– Enable WeChat search to directly display results via WeChat Mini Program integration.
=> Starting to do such integrations with airlines: if you search for a flight number in WeChat Search, it will display the airline Mini Program with the flight current status, boarding gate, arrival and take off time.
April 2017
Search” feature is enabled by default in the Wechat interface (not need to activate like before)
Updated on 2019-09-17

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