WeChat Brand Zone: extend your WeChat presence by taking over the first search result

As part of the WeChat ecosystem, there is a diverse range of marketing-oriented gateways that are opportunities for brands to reach their audience.

Besides WeChat Public Account and WeChat Mini Program, brands can leverage the WeChat Brand Zone as another port of entry to connect them with their audience.

Another advantage of this digital access point: consolidate your WeChat searchability by extending your exposure in the WeChat landscape to non-followers within WeChat.

1. Introduction to the WeChat Brand Zone

What is WeChat Brand Zone? How does it work?

WeChat Search allows brands to create a branded zone that can gather all of a brand’s WeChat activity in a one-stop-space, giving users easy access to brands’ official message.

It offers a specific area that can show up on the very top in the search result page when users type a brand name (or related terms) provided the brand has set up their tailored zone beforehand in order to:

  • dominate the search results page with information about them
  • capture traffic through WeChat search engine result

The brand zone can be considered as a complete mini-site to showcase brands’ key content and draw users into their conversion funnels.

Brands and businesses have full control over their dedicated space that can be populated with 1st party content and divided into 5 sections:

  • Brand information
  • WeChat Official Accounts & Mini Programs
  • Sales channels
  • List of brand services
  • Custom templated components/modules

The image below shows Cartier’s brand zone.

WeChat brand zone | a branded mini-site | landing page ranking first in WeChat search result
Source: 31Ten

These 5 sections can be populated with 1st party content types:

  • Brand logo / introduction
  • Contact information such as phone number
  • Store locator listing (eg. display all the nearby Cartier stores)
  • Boutique stores
  • eCommerce H5
  • Official product sales listing
  • WeChat Official Account(s)
  • Web-based application rendered within WeChat in-app browser (H5)
  • Mini Program(s)
  • List of after-sale services
  • Native live-streaming service (using Mini Program technology)
  • FAQ list
  • Customized content and activity: a comprehensive introduction, WeChat themed campaigns, promotions
Access the live-streaming session from Perfect Dairy Brand Zone

WeChat gradually add new content types to populate the WeChat Brand Zone, in order to offer a rich viewing experience to the consumers.

3 level of visibility for a brand

There are 3 different levels of classification:

  • Class A
  • Class B
  • Class C

The classification of each brand is established according to some defined criteria:

  • Daily traffic
  • Impression CTR
  • Participation in WeChat Search Promotion Program
  • WeChat Official Account registration date
  • WeChat Official Account verification level

Depending on the group the brand falls into, the brand zone layout/style, the available features and content type, and the requirements are different.

Start setting up the WeChat Brand Zone from the Official Account backend.

Another way to optimize the brand SEO presence

Easy to access, it is aiming to improve searchability when users are landing on the WeChat search result, especially for the ones who are not following the given brand yet.

The brand zone is a key opportunity for brands to take control of the search function and offer users a touch point within the WeChat ecosystem.

Moreover, since it is free to open (unlike Baidu Chinese search engines’ brand zones), it should be considered among the WeChat setup basics for brands.

Benefits of using this official access point from a business perspective

  • Free
  • Exposure to non-followers within WeChat – brand awareness
  • Searchability capability

Side effects:

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2. This official WeChat channel is a way to capture your branded search traffic in an optimal way:

WeChat search is the number one source of follower recruitment to Official Accounts for premium and high awareness brands:

WeChat brand zone | Search as number one source of follower recruitment for premium and high awareness brands
Organic search in WeChat as a key source of followers for high-end brands

3. WeChat Brand Zone FAQ

What are the benefits of the Brand Zone?

– Show reassurance for users that they are interacting the real account or Mini Program of the brand, not a fake account hijacking the brand name.
– Exposure to non-followers through search: users can directly search for brands they want to visit on WeChat
– Shortcut to your most important WeChat properties: Shop, Mini Program, store locator etc…
– Flexible traffic control: redirecting users to the best sales channel – H5, Mini Program, brand mobile website etc…
– Direct integration with Tencent geo-located database for stores.

What is the cost of a Brand Zone?

It’s free to set-up, as long as you can show Tencent you control the brand trademark.

What do I need to set-up a Brand Zone?

A verified WeChat Official Account
– Proof of trademark control: exclusive license for the Chinese territory, trademark ownership certification.
– Not being in the medical or in the financial industry due to the WeChat industry restrictions

Any restriction for brands to open an Official WeChat Brand Zone

– Industry restrictions by WeChat platform: Brands can not be in the medical or financial industry

What type of content can be added to the Brand Zone?

– Text / image
– H5
– WeChat Mini Programs
– WeChat Brand Account

How can the user find the Brand Zone?

By typing in the brand’s name and related terms in the search bar and selecting the search option

Learn more about the trademark registration prerequisite: + Protecting your brand with trademark registration on WeChat

4. Tips, tactics and best practices to optimise WeChat brand zone

  • Link to WeChat Mini Program (platform, campaign, added-value services)
  • Link to best selling products
  • Link to a store locator function
  • Make sure that the fresh and most important content is above the fold of the WeChat Search Results

5. First case study on how brands such as Gucci, Longchamp and Cartier take advantage of this official WeChat in-app space:

WeChat Brand Zone | Case studies and campaigns by high-end brands
Source: Curiosity China

From their own Brand Zone:

  • Cartier redirect visitors to their H5 online store
  • Gucci redirect visitors to their brand website
  • Longchamp redirect visitors to their WeChat mini-program online store

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6. Updates and timelines on WeChat Brand Zone

DateUpdatesSource / more details
December 2019The available fonctions and the Brand Zone layout of the Class A-categorized brands have been updated. 31Ten
July 2019Branded content section to promote a service, product or content.
January 2018A selected group of brands (mostly luxury business) has received exclusive access to this feature as beta adopter
December 2017The new feature called “brand zone” is released in WeChat version 6.6.1
Updated on 2020-07-02

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