Protecting your brand with trademark registration on WeChat

1. Register your trademark with WeChat to avoid traffic hijacking

As WeChat account names are attributed on a first come first served basis, hijacking of international brands on WeChat is very common. “Verified” account only means Tencent has verified the business registering the account is genuine. Registering your trademark is an additional guarantee for WeChat users that they are actually interacting with the brand.

highlighted in red is the actual account controlled by Aquasana. Could you tell? A trademark registration would add a green “R” logo next to the account.

Here is what a registered brand looks like vs. a regular verified account.

Source: 31Ten

2. How to register your trademark?

Steps & info required申请商标保护认证 Source
Trademark registration certificate (or with Signed, and chopped WeChat Application Form if you are a trademark licensee)《商标注册证书》或和授权运营书Link
When going for trademark protection regisration, before the name needs to be named after trademark 目前有3种命名方式,分别是商标名,媒体名、自选词汇。若需要对外显示商标保护,在命名时,选择商标命名方式。Link
Approval delay审核通过耗时Not shared by Tencent

3. Trademark registration is a prerequisite to set up your brand zone

Once registration is successful, go the extra mile and set up your WeChat brand zone. Learn more about it: + WeChat Brand Zone: taking over the first search result

4. Tencent’s official guidelines on brand protection on WeChat

Updated on 2019-06-17

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