eCommerce SaaS solution by WeChat: a complete guide

WeChat is launching a new platform called WeChat Mini Shop.

This product is a WeChat native store builder system. Brands and businesses can leverage the eCommerce capability of the WeChat Mini Programs with no cost nor service fee. So they can set up their online shop without any development restriction.

In the WeChat ecosystem, the piece of works in synergy with the other products provided natively by WeChat: WeChat Official Account, WeChat Live-streaming, WeChat Channels, etc… in order to integrate each step of the marketing funnel.

It corresponds to the convergences of:

  • online buying trends
  • Mini-Program as a user-centric technology

This is a step further toward to become a eCommerce enable ecosystem.

Introduction to WeChat Mini Store

What is WeChat Mini Shop / Wēixìn Xiaodian?

It’s a SaaS mobile tool to build and operate a WeChat store leveraging WeChat powered Mini Program technology.

The native feature enable businesses to quickly launch their own merchandising mobile store in the form of a Mini Program on WeChat.

In short about WeChat Mini Shop / 微信小商店

It’s WeChat-based templated e-shop Mini Program – free product provided by WeChat itself

It’s embedded with the built-in live-streaming capabilities.

WeChat Mini Shop will replace Weixin Xiaodian.

WeChat’s statement about WeStore

Costs to create and manage a WeStore

It’s free. 😉 No development costs for now.

No deposit required

Synonyms that can be found online and offline

  • WeStore
  • WeChat Mini Shop
  • WeChat Mini Store
  • 微信小商店

Key services and features to leverage as merchant

  • Product information management: one-click moving, product bulk management, and cross-platform management
  • Order Management: batch order processing, batch printing
  • Inventory management
  • Store operation
  • Live broadcast management / built-in live-streaming linking to the store. 
  • Delivery Management
  • Finance / ERP
  • Multi-agent customer service and after-sales service
  • User management: add up to 500 operators to co-manage the store, access control management
  • Transaction guarantee certification

The feature supports more than 1,500 product categories including:

  • smartphones
  • consumer electronics
  • apparel
  • home appliances
  • pet goods
  • etc…

WeChat Mini Shop vs existing eCommerce SaaS software

There are exiting 3rd party eCommerce SaaS solutions on the market to be able to build eCommerce Mini Program:

  • Youzan
  • Weimob
WeChat Mini Shop3rd party eCommerce SaaS softwares
CostFreeAnnual usage fee from 10,000 – 26,000
Advanced features
Integration with other platforms than WeChat

Further readings

How to create a WeChat native eCommerce Mini Program

Documents to prepare

  • Chinese identity card information
  • Business licenses (required to open WeChat Native business store)
  • Operator information (required to open WeChat Native business store)
  • Settlement bank account information (required to open WeChat Native business store)

How to set up a WeChat Mini Store

  1. Go to WeChat Back-end

  2. Upload the enterprise, business, or individual information

  3. Fill in the nickname/category of the WeStore mini programs

  4. Bind the bank card


  • As individual, one WeChat account can open one, and only one, WeChat Native personal store.
  • As business entity, one WeChat account can open up 3 WeChat Native business stores.

Updates and timeline on WeChat Mini Shop

DateUpdatesSource / more details
August 2020The feature is officially launchedChina Internet Watch
July 2020[Feature available via by-application-only]
Companies can apply to the program through this contact form with a verified Service Official Account, which has activated the payment feature.
June 2020[Feature in internal testing]
Some WeChat Official Accounts receive the invitation to try WeStore.

If you think of some improvements or missing information…

Let’s build up the knowledge around WeChat Mini Store collectively !

Updated on 2020-12-17
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