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More content on WeChat Marketing coming soon

WeChat Customer Journey, WeChat Ads, Social CRM, business cases, etc…

What is Wechat marketing?

Key takeaways from this event: Event | WeChat Masterclass – The Secrets for Success on WeChat | May 2018 [AmCham]

  • WeChat is not a strategy, it’s a channel
  • WeChat is most efficient at the bottom of the funnel – not great for brand awareness
  • it should be extremely clear what people will get out of your account from the very beginning ’San and follow us for….’
  • Tencent is very protective of the WeChat user experience, don’t expect it to be especially ad-friendly anytime soon
  • Content has a short lifespan, bring it back to life by linking to previously published posts at the end of the article
  • Not all followers are created equal – people who follow you due to campaign or promotion are likely to be less engaged and/or shop following
  • Brands should be using marketing automation for WeChat, and most haven’t caught on that they should be

WeChat Marketing Tactics​

  • Don’t push out content just for the sake of remaining active
  • Learn how to optimize WeChat SEO
  • Make the best use of your WeChat Official Account ​

Wechat main drawbacks for marketers

In May 2018 – WeChat still offers a limited experience for marketers.

  • The ability to do Facebook-style retargeting or “Lookalike audience targeting” (finding profiles on WeChat similar to your existing users/customers) is not provided
  • High cost per advertising impression (CPM)
  • Limited insight from WeChat back-end about followers, content performance and level of engagement – difficulty to optimize content with limited Analytics data.
    • Basic metric NOT provided by WeChat back-end
      • unable to track the performance of links within your copy (aside from the ‘read more’ link at the very bottom of the post)
      • unable to track bounce rate or how far a user made it through the piece.
Updated on 2019-02-17

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