WeChat Chatbots: an epic guide

In the automation world, there is an increasing trend: the chatbot or virtual assistant. With technological development (advances in AI and cloud technologies), they are more and relevant (thanks to the rising comfort level) and a new marketing area (conversational marketing) have been built around it. And of course, WeChat provides brands and businesses with a framework to build bots in their ecosystem.

WeChat has paved the way to integrate chatbot interactions into the public account interface (first) as well as Mini Program.

1. Introduction to WeChat chatbot

What is WeChat virtual assistant?

Automatic reply for interaction happening the WeChat Official Account chat-like screen and a chat section in a Mini Program.

Similar to bots integration that can be found on Facebook Messenger

Use cases

  • Customers services

How can bots be integrated? What is the framework?

With WeChat API, Wechat has been developed as a platform to be integrated with AI. WeChat has had a bot platform since 2013.

2. How to develop a WeChat chatbots

3. Bots examples

Here is a list of case studies to leverage bot interaction on WeChat

Different chatbot interactions through the marketing funnel

  • 247Tickets
  • Xiaoice / 微软小冰
    • Xiaobing, Microsoft’s Chinese chatbot, isn’t an assistant like Alexa or Siri. Microsoft says it’s a “virtual companion,” able to make conversation with users — usually with some sass thrown in. But now it’s been banned by Tencent for a third time. Tencent left a message on Xiaobing’s WeChat page saying that the chatbot had violated a regulation, one that targets public social media accounts. But they didn’t say what it actually did to violate that regulation
  • TeacherBot
  • AskJerry

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Updated on 2020-09-21
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