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Contribute to the WeChat Wiki blog!

As a one-stop for everything related to WeChat for businesses, we are welcoming any kind of contribution provided it’s aligned with our goals and convictions.

Here is the process to publish your piece of content in its full form on the blog section of WeChat Wiki. The process to contribute to the WeChat Wiki Open Library is different: here is more information.

How To Send Your Article

Send us via email to [email protected]

  • your draft or link to the published article
  • a short description (one-two sentences) of what your article is about

We will review the article and get back to you within 5–7 business days.

Information To Keep In Mind

  • Your article’s topic should be related to WeChat for businesses
  • Write with the heart of a teacher by delivering real value and learnings to the reader. No promotion-driven ressources => only resources providing value for our audience will be published.
  • What is good for our readers? Genuine, unbiased, neutral content to truly provide value for the audience, so please don’t over promote your product or service in the article. Style should be reader-centric.
  • Give ample credit to original sources of information.
  • In order to keep the quality of our channel, we maintain the privilege to decline articles that don’t align with our goals and convictions.

Examples of contribution

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