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About WeChat Blog by WeChat Wiki

Part of the WeChat Wiki’s ecosystem, this WeChat focused blog is meant to give an open space of expression for specific perspectives, opinions, views on using WeChat for business purposes.

The WeChat Wiki platform and the associated blog distinguish themselves with two different clear purposes:

On one side, WeChat Wiki is the structured library where the content is neutral (stating several perspectives with exhaustivity) from an editorial standpoint. 

On the other side, the associated blog is a space for content creators to express specific perspectives, thoughts, opinions, views (certainly less neutral than the Wiki content, with more opinionated stances). 

Everything powered by a collective effort that you are more than welcomed to join 👇👇👇

To Contribute to the Blog section of WeChat Wiki

We believe in collective effort and intelligence.

As a one-stop resource for everything related to WeChat for business, we are welcoming any kind of contribution provided it’s aligned with WeChat Wiki’s goals and convictions.

Here is the process the process to contribute

About WeChat Wiki: the parent initiative

WeChat Wiki is an open, structured, holistic and growing library (with a Wikipedia spirit) as one-stop shelves of insightful resources to understand and leverage WeChat for business and brand.

Aiming at helping both sides: 

  • Marketers/advertisers/business owners/professionals/WeChat enthusiasts IN and OUTside of China: to keep up to date on WeChat evolution from a technology and marketing perspectives and to leverage the full capacities of WeChat
  • Vendors/agencies/providers IN and OUTside of China: to streamline the educational effort towards their clients in order to create more fulfilling cooperations and collaborations between client and agency if the client has already a certain level of understanding and knowledge

To contribute to WeChat Wiki

We believe in collective effort and intelligence. Do you think our WeChat Wiki initiative is useful? And want to add your contribution to our efforts to map the knowledge around how to put WeChat to business use? Have written an article about WeChat? Just submit it to us here!

Support from WeChat Wiki’s community

And more about WeChat for Business to come…