A comprehensive list of WeChat App and Mini Program development courses

Enrolling into a WeChat coding course and interacting with a WeChat API expert, a WeChat H5 specialist or a WeChat Mini Program master developer may be the fastest route to upgrade your skills in WeChat Development, and help you avoid the most common pitfalls!

We have undertaken a series around the topic of WeChat training. After listing the WeChat Marketing courses, this article is focusing on training related to WeChat Development, Mini Program Development, WeChat API integration, and WeChat H5 creation.

There are plenty of articles online to learn WeChat development (and curation resources like ourselves aim at solving the problem of scattered information). But a lot of you may want to get up to WeChat development proficiency much faster.

So we’ve listed the main options available to take WeChat programming classes and get you up to speed as efficiently as possible. We have divided them between fully online courses and physical courses you can attend around the globe.

Fully online WeChat Development courses

WeChat Course Name & LinkTrainerCourse AudienceDepthPrice
Introduction to Mini Program DevelopmentChinese101149 RMB
WeChat Mini Program Development (Udacity) Alex DuncanAll101Free
WeChat For Web (Shanghai Coders)George Borrelli
David Yu
AllIntermediate10 USD
WeChat For Web (Shanghai Coders)David YuAll10110 USD

Offline WeChat coding classes – per region

For offline WeChat training courses, we have selected only the recurring classes. There are dozens, if not hundreds of one-off WeChat training and conferences, so we have decided to not include them as it would be too complex to maintain. The current selection is far from exhaustive: please feel free to help us enrich it by contacting us!

WeChat programming courses in Asia

Country where the WeChat Course is happeningWeChat Course Name & LinkTrainer Course AudienceDepthPrice
Shanghai, Chengdu, ShenzhenFull-stack coding bootcampLe WagonAllIntermediate44,000CNY

Offline coding Bootcamps (Eg. Le Wagon) are not limited to WeChat development and also include other topics such as Programing basic, JS, UI & UX. In China, learning code can’t skip WeChat as a platform.

WeChat programming training in America

CountryCourse Name & Link Trainer AudienceDepthPrice
USAWeChat Mini Games for DevelopersNobleProgCorporateIntermediatefrom 3500 USD
USAWeChat Mini Programs for DevelopersNobleProgCorporateIntermediatefrom 3500 USD
USAWeChat Open Platform for DevelopersNobleProgCorporateIntermediatefrom 3500 USD

Learning WeChat development helps to build solutions and tech products living on WeChat Platform to leverage its full capabilities whereas the other WeChat Marketing-oriented courses are meant to give more understanding to distribute them through the right super APP’s channels and audience.

Updated on 2021-09-27

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