Application development using WeChat API and JSSDK

101: What is the WeChat API? What are the features available for integration?

The WeChat API and SDKs (Native App SDK – JSSDK for web) allow developers to access and integrate the functionality of WeChat with other applications.

  • Native mobile applications
  • Web applications

API methods include:

  • single sign-on login
  • managing users
  • managing accounts
  • retrieving lists of chats and calls
  • scan a QR code and retrieve the result of the scan
  • record a video
  • uniquely identify your visitor
  • upload images
  • share content to a chat or a group chat
  • share content to WeChat moments
  • etc…

Prerequisites / Requirements

Important to select the Official Account type according to your need

The available features are different depending on the type of WeChat Official Account selected.

How to integrate a Web application with the WeChat API

How to kick-start WeChat API development:

Workshop on WeChat APIs in December 2016
(China-friendly link) Workshop video here
Source code 👇👇👇

Updates and timeline

DateUpdatesSource / more details
2017get online – voucher for offline store consumption.
– Wechat OA backend has a built-in e-Voucher feature
– can setup and insert into an article

Useful Github resources to start developing a WeChat application

Updated on 2019-06-22

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